Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation

Storm Shutters Represent One Common Wind Mitigation Feature.

If you’d like to lower your insurance premium, wind mitigation represents an excellent strategy. In fact, we highly recommend wind mitigation for every home in Naples, FL, as hurricane-prone areas present a consistent threat for catastrophic wind damage. This service involves the installation of wind-resistant features to protect your home from hurricanes and other major storms. At Andrew's Roofing, we proudly provide this service for our clientele.

Home insurance premiums in Florida can become very expensive, mostly due to wind risk. Wind mitigation lessens the threat associated with high winds, and can save you a great deal of money over time. We are your local experts for wind mitigation in Naples, FL. If you would like to learn more about this service, simply give us a call at 239-734-5214.

The Methods of Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation

Shatterproof Glass Can Save on Repair Costs and Protect Your Family from Debris.

Mitigation will not only protect your home, but also your family. The risk of catastrophic damage is greatly reduced, and windblown debris is much less likely to infiltrate your home. When considering mitigation, it’s important to understand the various features available. As an informed homeowner, you can make a better choice as to which elements you need.

Anchoring: This process reinforces your home’s walls and makes them more resilient to high winds. Through reinforcement to the foundation and roof, your wall establishes a continuous load path that can stand in the face of practically any storm.

Water Barrier: A water barrier seals your decking to prevent the entry of water into your home. Even if your roof fails, shredded by debris and high winds, your water barrier will continue to protect your home from leaks. It will also serve as an extra layer of insulation, which can lower your monthly energy bills.

Door and Window Covering: Your doors and windows represent highly vulnerable areas in a major storm. Popular methods to secure them include shatterproof glass and storm shutters. You can also have a hurricane-rated door installed. These work well for your home’s main entry points, and are highly recommended for larger portals like your garage door.

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At Andrew's Roofing, we’re your local solution for wind mitigation in Naples, FL. As a homeowner, you value your investment and the stability and comfort it provides. Help protect it with mitigation features, and you’ll find yourself with greater peace of mind and a lower insurance bill.