Roof Wind Damage Repair

Roof Wind Damage Repapir

High Winds Can Create an Immediate Need for Roof Wind Damage Repair.

When searching for storm damage, many homeowners consider only rain and hail can cause severe damage to their roof. Your roofing system and materials can be worn down by high winds and leave your house open to more problems. Weak points, such as loose shingles or corners of your roof, are taken advantage of by winds traveling across your roof system, ripping them free of your roof system structure. Mold, mildew, wood rot, and leaks can attack your home once your roof system deck and insulation are exposed, allowing water and rain to infiltrate your home. Your roofing can even be damaged by tree limbs and debris thrown by high winds. This can lead to scoring and scuffs across your roofing's structure. Water can remain in your gutters to cause wear when debris fills your downspout and gutters. More damage can be caused this way, with the water slowly destroying your roofing.

Several property owners are misguided in the notion that only rain storms and hailstones are able to inflict harm to your property and roof. Although they are right that hailstones and rainfall will do some damage, strong winds tend to be ones that cause the most damage. Roofs are recognized for how resilient they are, but with strong winds, there are places on the roof that will become damaged. The roofing can lift through bad storms due to wind, exposing your insulation which will allow water into your property and prompt leakage, mold, and rotting wood.

During an exceedingly severe storm, high winds will not only harm the roofing system directly, but it can dump limbs and debris seamlessly on the roofing system. With tree limbs being near the roofing system, there is the potential of scuffed roofing systems, cracked shingles, and even having a whole limb land on the roof. Although debris is normally too tiny to cause damage to the roof, it can appear in your gutters, blocking them and causing water to seep onto the roofing system. One facet that homeowners need to be mindful of is that when a roofing system gets older, it loses some its security.

Need to have roof wind damage repair in Naples, FL? At Andrew's Roofing, we offer you the storm damage services you need to get your roofing system back in shape. Using the latest techniques, our roof wind damage repair strengthens and repairs your roof system, supplying it with the reinforcement it needs to handle future storms and winds. For all of your roof wind damage repair needs, give us a call today at 239-734-5214.

Wind Damage Inspection

Roof Wind Damage Repair

If High Winds Have Dislocated Any of Your Roofing Material, Call Us Today for Help.

There are a few things you can do to assess if you require roof wind damage repair for your home. Take a look at your roofing and see if any material is missing or loose. More damage can be caused by the reduced state of your roofing system when high winds destroy all of your protection. Curling, damage, and moisture retention on your roofing material can be a sign that your roofing system is damaged and vulnerable to leaks.

The roofing surface may also have notches visible from any strikes from trees or debris from the last storm. Your roofing structure may have even more extensive damage concealed underneath layers of materials. Inspecting your attic can expose both leaks and any further damage that may not be apparent from the outside.

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It is important to make sure all roofing damage is identified and noted, so have one of our skilled roofing contractors inspect your roofing today. We complete roof wind damage repair on your roofing system to bolster your roof and get it back to its best. We can even help you with an insurance claim. Let’s get started today! Contact Andrew's Roofing at 239-734-5214 for roof wind damage repair in Naples, FL and the surrounding area.