Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Roof Insurance Claim

If You’ve Ever Felt Confused or Stressed About a Roof Insurance Claim, Let Our Team Help.

If you reside in West Palm Beach, FL and want roof insurance claim assistance, our roofing contractors will help you. Filing a roof damage insurance claim with an insurance provider is a very overwhelming situation for homeowners and commercial property owners. The job of the insurance company is to make the procedure as smooth as necessary, but it can really be a confusing and hard situation to be in. Hail and wind damage that has affected your roof will get worse if handled, but many individuals don't want to cope with submitting. At Andrew's Roofing, we recognize that submitting a roof damage insurance claim can be difficult, that's why we are available to assist you.

We provide our clients with roof examination services that is able to determine what damages your roofing system has. Once our roofers have evaluated your roof for damage and performed a entire roofing inspection, we are able to look over roof options with customers. Our roofing contractors won't just offer complete examinations, they can also advise you with the insurance claim process and whether it is worth filing. When filing a claim with the insurance provider, they will need all of the correct paperwork to begin the procedure, and our customers are able to add our damage report to their files. Let the roofers at Andrew's Roofing to have your roofing system back in great shape with our roofing repair and roof replacement service. Contact us now at 561-688-1066 to speak to one of our roofing contractors about scheduling a roof examination and roof damage insurance claims services.

Roof Insurance Claim Process

Roof Insurance Claim

We Work Hard to Identify All Damages and Get You the Settlement You Deserve.

Roofing inspections from a trusted local roofing company can actually be very valuable to you while navigating the roof insurance claim process. Setting a date for your insurance adjuster to inspect your roofing is the first step of the filing process for many homeowners. Damage will be checked and cataloged by the adjuster to uncover the repairs and coverage supplied for a roof insurance claim. Having documentation from our inspection team will make you familiar with all of the existing damage prior to an adjuster coming out. Our inspection records also work as additional proof for filing.

You will send in the roof inspection report with your filing documentation to your insurance adjuster. For added visible evidence, include before and after pictures of your roof system for assessment. All of the information from our and the adjuster’s evaluation will make up a damage report that is sent to you. You will receive two checks; the first is granted with your damage report to start your repairs, and the second will be granted once repairs are finished and the insurance company gets an invoice.

Keep in mind that all insurance policies contain specific duties for the homeowner. There are seven primary things you must do to comply with your policy.

  • Notify the insurance company of a loss as soon as possible.
  • Keep the loss from growing through the protection of your property from further damage.
  • Submit your “proof of loss” along with supporting documents within the specified time frame.
  • If requested, provide additional supporting documents.
  • Exhibit and separate damaged from undamaged property.
  • Produce accounting and other records for examination and permit copies.
  • Submit to a statement (examination) under oath.

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Roofing contractors from Andrew's Roofing are licensed professionals who can assist with your roof damage insurance claims and roofing system repair. We will assist you through every part of the process, from first inspection to roofing repair or replacement. Your roof system specifications are met by our roofers as they keep you briefed through every part of the roofing process. Get started with our expert team today! Call Andrew's Roofing at 561-688-1066 for your roof insurance claim in West Palm Beach, FL.