Spanish Tile Repair Service

Spanish Tile Roof

With Proper Care, a Spanish Tile Roof Will Provide Decades of Service.

Two of the traits that a homeowner looks for in their home’s roofing are beauty and durability. Spanish tile roofing is one of the handful of roofing systems on the market that can improve the appearance of a house, while also delivering better protection. Despite its durability, without the proper maintenance, a Spanish tile roof will become susceptible to damage and need repair. Proper maintenance is so important that if it isn’t performed on a regular basis, residential property owners will have to address several issues, including water leaks.

To remedy this issue, the roofers at Andrew's Roofing are here to provide all the benefits of a Spanish tile roof repair service. If the situation ever develops where repairs are no longer feasible, we can also provide for the full replacement of Spanish tiles. The next time you have an issue or suspect a problem with a Spanish tile roof in Naples, FL, give our team a call at 239-734-5214.

Common Issues with Spanish Tile Roofs

Spanish Tile Roof

To Prevent More Issues, Replace Broken Tiles Immediately.

Repair requirements for Spanish tile roofs rarely come out of nowhere. A lack of attention to common problems and upkeep will spark issues that eventually develop into full-blown repair needs. Professional and routine roofing maintenance, at least on an annual basis, is critical for Spanish tile roofing. If you neglect this necessity, you will find yourself confronted with the following.

Broken Tiles: The factors that result in tile breakage are generally storm-related. Hail and windblown debris can impact your tiles and occasionally cause them to crack or weaken. Without proper repairs after a major storm, broken tiles can lead to major leaks.

Fallen Tiles: Spanish tiles are installed without nails. This makes them somewhat more susceptible to strong winds than other types of roofing. Regular maintenance can identify loose tiles and secure them before they tumble off your roof.

Debris on Tiles: It is very easy for rubble like leaves and twigs to get on any roof. Debris provides an area for the collection of water and proliferation of mold. Since roofing tiles are not sealed, trapped moisture can easily find its way into your home. This makes it all the more important to monitor your roof for debris and have it promptly removed.

Spanish Tile Roof Repair for Your House

Employing a roofer with the skills and experience to repair and replace Spanish tile is key. Tiles have different requirements than asphalt shingles or other popular roofing systems, and need service from roofers who have a complete understanding of the material. When you hire Andrew's Roofing, you don’t have to worry about the degradation of your roofing investment. Call our roofing company today at 239-734-5214 if you want repair or upkeep of a Spanish tile roof in Naples, FL.