Installation of Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles Can Allow for a 3D Effect on Your Roofing

Modernized roofing achieved a notable step forward with the formulation of architectural shingles. These shingles, a special product distinct from typical asphalt shingles, arrive with a host of improvements that includes superior design possibilities. Architectural shingles represent an example of our premier, recommended products for anyone who requires an updated roof. These shingles improve a great deal from expert installation services, which we supply at Andrew's Roofing.

You almost will not top the architectural shingle when it comes to effectiveness in a roof. Typical shingles generally cannot stand up to the strength of the architectural variety, which are also known as laminate, dimensional, or composite shingles. Contact us at your earliest convenience at 239-734-5214 to make inquiries or schedule installation of architectural shingles in Naples, FL.

Architectural Shingles and Their Advantages

Architectural Shingles

We Offer a Selection of Premium Shingles for our Clientele.

An architectural shingle roofing system comes with numerous advantages for the residence and homeowner. The good people at Andrew's Roofing try their best to educate customers of all the advantages of their selected roofing. A selection of high-quality shingles can supply your home with an assortment of benefits.

Cost: Architectural shingles appear as a more economical choice among luxury roofing materials.┬áThe better durability of the architectural variety also makes them a solid option as compared to less expensive asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles’ raised expense will become offset across the years, thanks to reduced upkeep requirements.

Durability: Traditional roof shingles consist of one layer of roofing installed on the roof decking. More than one layer goes into the fabrication of an architectural shingle roof. An architectural shingle can sustain gusts of wind up to 120 miles per hour, while typical shingles can fail at around 80 mph.

Appearance: Aside from an abundance of colors and styles, manufacturers even make composite, architectural, and laminate shingles that provide the appearance of other materials. Also, more economical materials will typically fade and discolor at a much faster rate than architectural shingles.

Reach Out to Us for Installation

The choice of materials for your new roofing system causes a pronounced impact on the cost of installation. Greater resilience and greatly minimized upkeep needs permit composite shingles to compensate for their increased expense. Call us at 239-734-5214 should you have any further questions about the benefits that architectural shingles will provide for your residence. Andrew's Roofing sets the bar for the installation of architectural shingles in Naples, FL.