Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles Present an Attractive and Economical Option for Home Roofing.

Asphalt shingles are far and away the most popular roofing material in the country. With a unique combination of durability, economy, and style options, it’s easy to understand why. While the longevity of asphalt shingle roofing clocks in at a respectable 20 years, the day will eventually come when you need replacement. At Andrew's Roofing, we are your local roofer for exceptional work with asphalt shingle installation or repair.

Regular maintenance and upkeep are indispensable to realize the full potential of your shingle roof. If you schedule regular inspections from our team, we can provide preventative maintenance that optimizes your roof and maximizes its lifespan. For inspections or any other service with asphalt shingles in Naples, FL, you can rely on the experienced experts at Andrew's Roofing. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 239-734-5214.

Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

In Order to Preserve Their Utility, Damaged Shingle Roofs Need Immediate Repair.

Recognized as one of the most affordable and traditional of roof options, asphalt shingle roofs are made from fiberglass matting topped with asphalt and roofing granules. With plenty of colors, styles, as well as shapes to choose from, you’re bound to find the precise asphalt shingle you want for your house. We often suggest that clients pick a color that complements the brick or siding of your house, but also meshes with their personal sense of design.

No matter which kind of asphalt shingle you choose, however, you will end up with a water resistant, flame deterrent, and reliable roof system that can last for 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance. If you want your new roof to last, it is important to set up annual asphalt shingle maintenance, as well as repair appointments!

Asphalt Shingle Replacement & Restoration

It is time to begin looking into roofing replacement options when your shingle roof passes 15 years of age. There is a large selection of options to choose from, and we only stock the highest quality of materials. Our crew has been assisting clients in this area for years, and are very knowledgeable about asphalt shingle roof installations and replacements.

Call the team today at 239-734-5214 to get your estimate for repairs or installation of asphalt shingles in Naples, FL today! You can bet on our crew for dependable and cost-effective residential shingle roof solutions.