Green Roofing Installations

Green Roof

A Green Roof in an Urban Area Can Help Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Has your commercial roof aged past 20 years, or has it begun to cause your energy bills to rise? If so, you may stand to gain from the cost-effective installation of a green roof in Naples, FL. Our team is highly experienced in the roofing industry, and can help you with a variety of high-quality roof services. If you’d like to learn more about how our crew can help, give our office a ring at 239-734-5214!

Green Roof Installation

Green roofing is a term that can refer to more than one type of roof. Roof coatings present a great example of green roof solutions, as they enable a building to consume less energy. Discarded roof materials clog landfills with large quantities of waste, but roof coatings don’t require removal of an old roof. Reflective roof coatings additionally deflect UV rays, which enables a roof to keep a building cooler without strain on air conditioning.

Green Roof

Green Roofs Are Also Ideal Spaces for Relaxation and Enjoyment of the Outdoors.

Sometimes, you will hear the phrase “green roofing” utilized in reference to roof systems that are literally green from plant life. Commonly used in European cities, such roof systems are designed to not only cool the structure they’re installed on, but also the air in the surrounding area. Densely populated cities can trap a large amount of heat. Areas with vegetation, however, remain much cooler, which is why a green roof can help with the urban heat island effect.

Furthermore, these roofing systems provide a platform for native plant life to grow, a benefit that helps the local ecosystem. Green roof installation in this scenario combats urban heat and reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by city buildings. In some areas, green roofs have been utilized to cultivate vegetables for building inhabitants, or to even house endangered local bird species.

Green Roofing at Its Finest

If you would like to discover more, or if you’d like a quote for installation of a green roof in Naples, FL, contact our team today at 239-734-5214. Our roof contractors are highly experienced, and we can assist you with any and all of your green roofing needs. Quality roof systems are made with quality supplies, and at Andrew's Roofing, we only work with the best.