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Cool Roof

A Simple Way to Enjoy the Benefits of a Cool Roof Is to Have Your Roofing Painted White.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building, think about installing a cool roof in Naples, FL. The sun’s UV rays are soaked up by most commercial roof materials. This heat degrades the roof and radiates into the rooms below, increasing the workload on AC units. With cool roofing, ultraviolet rays from the sun are reflected away from the structure. At Andrew's Roofing, we’re your expert source for all varieties of cool roofing.

A cool roof can significantly improve the indoor climate of your building. Reduced AC usage also means you will save a lot of money on energy bills. When you are interested in hearing more about the benefits of cool roofs, contact the staff of Andrew's Roofing at 239-734-5214. We can not only pick the ideal cool roof product for your business, but also provide for installation, maintenance, and repair.

Advantages of Installing a Cool Roof

Cool Roof

Thanks to Its Long Life and Inherent Reflectivity, Metal Counts as Cool Roofing.

Purchasing a cool roof can improve your building’s energy efficiency and provide you with several other benefits. For example, you can save money on roof replacement, due to the fact that cool roofs last longer than other roofing products. As traditional roofing materials absorb UV rays from the sun, the integrity of the roof begins to deteriorate. Over time, this will break down the roof and create the need for replacement or repairs. A cool roof system doesn’t soak up heat from the sun, and therefore lasts significantly longer than a traditional roofing product.

Installing cool roofing on your building can also extend the life of your air conditioning system. Cool roofing decreases the temperature of your building, which means your cooling system won’t need to work as hard. This decreases the number of repairs your air conditioning equipment needs, and extends your system’s overall life. In addition to great savings, cool roofing systems reduce environmentally harmful emissions from commercial AC equipment.

Set Up Your Installation

More information about installing a cool roof in Naples, FL is available from Andrew's Roofing. We only work with leading roofing manufacturers, a standard we’ve created to ensure our customers have the most durable cool roof materials available. In addition to reliable roofing, we also provide the quality workmanship clients need for their own peace of mind. Schedule your cool roofing installation today by contacting our staff at 239-734-5214.