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When the Time Comes to Choose a Roofing Company, Andrews Roofing Is the Smart Choice.

The team at Andrew's Roofing desires nothing more than to assure the security and happiness of our clients. When we accept a project, our goal is to provide you with unbeatable protection, along with the appearance of a well-built roofing system. Superb workmanship and an emphasis on customer service represent the leading qualities of our roofing service, and we will assure any customer the perks of both.

We are great proponents of the advantages of reviews, and can offer preventative repairs to save you money. Inspections enable our team to locate issues before they become highly troublesome. The next time you require any repairs whatsoever, choose the top selection among roofing companies in Hialeah, FL: Andrew's Roofing. To learn more or set up service, give us a call today at 239-734-5214.

Clay Tile Roof Repairs & Installation

Roofing Companies

No Other Local Roofing Companies Can Compete with Our Tile Expertise.

For clay tile roofs, no other local contractor can surpass our skill. have premier strength and long-lasting beauty, and can raise your home’s value. However, to enjoy the optimized advantages of a clay tile roofing system, you need installation from a specialized roofing contractor. Inexperienced roofers without knowledge of this product can perform an improper install, which leads to a greater chance that you will lose tiles in strong winds. You can avoid troublesome circumstances like these, by hiring an expert team like Andrew's Roofing. For residences that already benefit from a clay tile roof, we also supply unbeatable maintenance work.

Wind Damage Roof Repair

Nothing endangers roofing to the extent of powerful winds, especially in a place like Hialeah, FL. Wind damage hardly poses a challenge for Andrew's Roofing, as we have developed our abilities throughout the course of a great number of jobs. If you have gone through a major weather event with high winds, be sure to phone our team for a review and repairs. Our wind mitigation practice actually provides a manner to completely avert wind damage. As you weigh Hialeah, FL roofing companies, we stand head and shoulders above the competition in regard to our wind damage repair and avoidance work.

Residential Roofing

Residential and Shingle Roofing

Residential roofing stands as an important aspect of our company’s services. If you possess or want shingle roofing, you will not find a better installer than our team. We additionally work on a number of other roof products, like premium selections like architectural and impact resistant shingles, together with tile and synthetic roofing.

  • Traditional Asphalt Shingles When you desire first-rate service for your updated asphalt shingle install, count on our crew.
  • Flashing Installation Flashing is a necessary roofing element, as it helps protects vulnerable areas from leaks.
  • Affordable Roof Inspections Inspections offer a way for you to get the best performance possible from a roofing system.
  • Roofing Installation Quality installs are needed to get the total performance of your roof material.
  • Roof Repair If you need repairs you can trust, contact our company of professional, skilled roofers.
  • Fascia & Soffit Repairs Fascia and soffit are necessary elements that defend your roofing from pests and moisture.
  • New Construction When you present a need for new building, you ought to trust in the talents of our crew.
  • Premium Roofing For upgrades over shingle roofs, premium materials supply several great options.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Experts

Commercial roofing jobs require a good amount of technical knowledge and experience. At Andrew's Roofing, we utilize the knowledge gained over years of experience to enact excellent service with commercial roofs. For every commercial roofing project, despite its intricacy, our company can do exceptional work. Thanks to our company, it is now possible for nearby business owners to receive the total value of their roofing system investments.

  • Commercial Roofing Repair We supply first-rate service for any commercial roofing repairs.
  • Cool Roof Systems A cool roof will improve your facility’s energy efficiency and leave the interior more pleasant.
  • Flat Roof Services For any needs you have with a flat roof, including maintenance and installs, make our team your first choice.
  • Green Roof Systems Should you wish for the benefits of green roofing systems, enable our staff to assist.
  • Industrial Roofing For industrial roofing, and roofs for healthcare facilities, places of worship, and more, trust our company.
  • Modified Bitumen Roof Services For a traditional look and incredible resistance to typical hazards, go with a modified bitumen roofing system.
  • Single Ply Roof Repairs Cost-efficiency, versatility, and a host of benefits have all combined to leave single ply roofs very popular.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Contractors

If you’ve settled on metal roofing for your house or business, you have made a great choice. This durable, long-lived material provides almost unmatched strength and protection against environmental dangers. We offer services for a wide selection of metal roofing, such as standing seam, aluminum, and steel. Regardless of the kind you choose, you can depend upon our work for matchless installs and quality repairs.

  • Aluminum Roofs If you are concerned in regards to the impact of rust on a metal roof, choose aluminum.
  • Mechanical Lock Metal Roof A mechanical lock roof can do wonders for a low slope facility.
  • Residential Metal Roof Systems A metal roof is not solely for commercial buildings, and will supply a beautiful, strong roofing system for a house.
  • Snap Lock Metal Panels For roofs with high slopes, snap lock panels provides protection in regards to rainfall.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Standing seam metal arrives in two varieties, snap lock and mechanical lock, with different usefulness in terms of a roofing system’s slope.
  • Steel Roofing Steel roofs arrive with zinc coatings that provide unmatched protection from rust.
  • Stone Coated Steel Roof Systems Stone coated steel is a good selection for clients who dislike the visual impact of metal.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repair

The many aspects of a big storm together present a major danger to any roof. Hail, wind, and rain each harm roofing with consequences that are exacerbated when combined. Thankfully, we’re able to support your roofing’s efforts with top-quality repairs. Anytime you go through a significant storm, be certain to contact us for a review. When we review your roofing system, we search for all storm damage, hidden or no, and provide you with a report that will help with an insurance claim.

  • Emergency Roofing Services If you or your home ever are threatened through the failure of a roofing system, contact our team immediately.
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair Though the damage from hail can be incredible, it will never go beyond our abilities for service.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help Should you ever require assistance with an insurance filing, we can provide premier guidance.
  • Roof Leaks Repaired When we repair a roof leak, we search carefully for other leaks to stop extensive harm to your building.
  • Roof Wind Damages A review and repairs should come after any occurrence of severe winds, as wear can persist hidden within your roof.
  • Wind Mitigation At Andrew's Roofing, we will leave your home totally defended against severe winds.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

We understand that a roof insurance claim might stand as a difficult process for many owners of homes and businesses. While handling all the effects of harm to your home, you must additionally adhere to deadlines, complete claims forms, and satisfy obscure requirements to get the money you deserve. For help, you can consistently rely on the technicians at Andrew's Roofing. Across all the roofing companies in Hialeah, FL, no other supplies aid to the degree that our team does. Contact 239-734-5214 the next time you require help with an insurance claim or other work from Andrew's Roofing.