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When the Time Comes to Choose a Roofing Company, Andrews Roofing Is the Smart Choice.

At Andrew's Roofing, we care a lot for the contentment and defense of our clientele. Our roof work are designed to provide total defense for your home, and furthermore contribute to a generally appealing appearance. When a client trusts our team with a project, they get unparalleled customer service and a commitment to premier workmanship.

We wish for all of our clients to think about the advantages of annual reviews. We can identify just about any issue before it becomes a nuisance. Among roofing companies in Lake Placid, FL, Andrew's Roofing represents the premier choice for all
any roofing needs. If you wish to learn additional information or schedule work, be certain to give us a call now at 239-734-5214.

Clay Tile Roof Repairs & Installation

Roofing Companies

No Other Local Roofing Companies Can Compete with Our Tile Expertise.

If you need handsome and strong clay tile roofing, count on the talent of our tile specialists. have premier durability and resilient beauty, and should heighten your home’s value. Correct installation from a skilled crew represents the sole requirement to get all of this roofing system’s benefits. In the absence of correct installation, you are likely lose tiles to the weather. To avoid these problems, rely upon our team for any install needs. For homes that already benefit from a clay tile roof, we additionally provide unbeatable repair work.

Wind Damage Roof Repair

Nothing harms roofing to the extent of extreme winds, especially in an area like Lake Placid, FL. At Andrew's Roofing, we provide a complete selection of wind damage repair solutions. If you’ve gone through a significant weather event with high winds, be certain to phone our company for an inspection and service. To avoid wind damage, you can consider our wind mitigation work. Between roofing companies in Lake Placid, FL, we supply the top solutions to any of your roof necessities.

Residential Roofing

Residential and Shingle Roofing

We put a big emphasis on the quality of our house roofing services. Our crew has specialized talent with asphalt roofing, so do not wait to contact us should you need a new shingle roofing system. We also work on a number of other roof materials, like premium choices like impact resistant and architectural shingles, together with synthetic and tile roofing.

  • Traditional Asphalt Shingles If you want premier work for your new asphalt shingle installation, depend on our crew.
  • Flashing Installation Flashing is a necessary roof component, as it helps guard vulnerable regions from leakage.
  • Affordable Roof Inspections Inspections provide a manner for you to experience the best value conceivable from your roofing system.
  • Roofing Installation The excellence of a roof’s install determines a great deal for its sturdiness, so phone our team for help.
  • Roof Repair For every repair necessary for a home roofing system, depend on our staff for the work.
  • Fascia & Soffit Repairs We acknowledge the importance of your soffit and fascia, and provide phenomenal maintenance.
  • New Construction Every new construction work you have will gain advantages from the exact standard of quality we supply to roofing.
  • Premium Roofing If you want a roof with excellent durability and a noteworthy appearance, look into one of our premium options.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Experts

In order to supply excellent work on a commercial roofing system, a roofer must have training and experience. The leaders at Andrew's Roofing possess a high level of experience with commercial roofing. Today, our team can perform any commercial roofing job, from installation to maintenance. Any roof work represents an investment, so depend on our contractors for unbeatable value.

  • Commercial Roofing Repair For superior service with any commercial repair requirement, trust our company.
  • Cool Roof Systems To lower monthly expenditures and raise the comfort of a building, choose a cool roofing system.
  • Flat Roof Services We provide dedicated efforts with the installation and maintenance of a flat roofing system.
  • Green Roof Systems We provide work for both eco-friendly roofs and those that sustain actual plants.
  • Industrial Roofing Our efforts with industrial roofing extends to cover facilities like hospitals, houses of worship, and more.
  • Modified Bitumen Roof Services For a traditional look and incredible resilience to typical dangers, select a modified bitumen roofing system.
  • Single Ply Roof Repairs Now a normal choice for commercial structures, single ply roofs provide several perks.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Contractors

Metal roofing stands as a premier selection for both houses and businesses. As a dependable roofing option with a prolonged life, metal offers exceptional protection against any dangers. We offer services for a wide selection of metal roofs, like standing seam, aluminum, and steel. We supply the same exceptional quality on our installs and repairs, whatever the metal roofing system you own or choose.

  • Aluminum Roofs An aluminum roof works well in industrial areas and places adjacent to the shoreline, as it should be extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • Mechanical Lock Metal Roof When you have a low slope building that requires a new roofing system, think about the benefits of mechanical lock metal roofing.
  • Residential Metal Roof Systems Metal roofing acts as a handsome and strong option for home roofs.
  • Snap Lock Metal Panels Snap lock metal offers incredible resistance to rainfall, and does wonders for steeply sloped structures.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Standing seam metal comes in two types, snap lock and mechanical lock, with different usefulness in regards to a roofing system’s slope.
  • Steel Roofing The zinc coatings on galvanized and Galvalume steel panels provide unbeatable defense from rust.
  • Stone Coated Steel Roof Systems If you want the advantages of metal roofing, but not the appearance, stone coated steel will mimic standard materials.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repair

The various elements of a big storm collectively comprise a significant danger to any roofing. With hail, rain, and high winds, a roof has a lot to defend against. Thankfully, we’re able to support your roofing’s defense with high-quality repairs. To leave these repairs feasible, make sure you set up an inspection to occur after a vicious storm. Our team will thoroughly identify any harm to your roof, create plans for service, and assist you through the insurance process.

  • Emergency Roofing Services Anytime you endure a roofing emergency, whether it’s the weekend, throughout the dead of night, or on a holiday, we are the experts to contact.
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair While the harm from hail can be incredible, it will never overcome our abilities for service.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help When you file a claim on your roofing insurance, phone us for help.
  • Roof Leaks Repaired When we repair a roofing leak, we scan carefully for concurrent leaks to stop serious damage to your building.
  • Roof Wind Damages Substantial wind damage can stay hidden inside a roofing system, so call our team for a check-up and maintenance.
  • Wind Mitigation At Andrew's Roofing, our team will leave your house readily reinforced against significant winds.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

A roofing insurance claim might appear like a difficult, prolonged, and stressful procedure. Deadlines, claim forms, and inspections may lend themselves to a great deal of stress as you juggle insurance necessities in addition to the requirements of your damaged residence. For help, you can invariably depend on the crew at Andrew's Roofing. In terms of roofing companies in Lake Placid, FL, we’re the company that sets the bar for excellence with each of our offerings. To learn additional information in regards to our help with insurance issues, or any of our service offerings, give us a ring right away at 239-734-5214.